I've been teaching guitar privately for the past 10+ years to students of a variety of ages and previous skill levels, as well as at the collegiate level for the past six. From children as young as 9 to graduate students at the university level, I prefer to meet students where they're at musically and expand from there. While I may use certain tried-and-true guitar methods (FJH and Hal Leonard for beginning students, Aaron Shearer, Stanley Yates, and Christopher Berg for classical, etc.), I'm always willing  and happy to veer toward topics and concepts that interest the student, be it a particular technique or a specific song.

They way I see it, everything can relate musically to a bigger picture about what the guitar (and, more broadly, music) is and what it can be. For example, learning a new song can lead to a discussion about harmony and music theory, in particular how the building blocks of a song come together to produce the end result. Also, why this end result may be so cool and interesting. My goal as a teacher is to help the student become a better guitarist, of course, but more so I'm interested in sparking a fascination with the instrument that can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment through music.

A few testimonials from past students: 


"Andy Jurik is a remarkably passionate and effective teacher, and his knowledge and inquiry about the subject is impressive. All in all a great teacher, he tailor the lessons specifically to me as a student and my goals, and engaged in frank discussion about what I have done and need to do to improve when asked."

"Great first lesson. My son is a beginner and he really enjoyed his first lesson, he's excited about learning the guitar. Andy is very relaxed and creates an easy learning environment."

"I contracted with Andy for guitar lessons. I've had two thus far, and am very pleased with the instruction. He is articulate in his instruction, has a clear, progressive lesson plan, and pays keen attention to my technique. I have the impression that I'm getting a solid foundation."

"Andy is a fantastic guitar teacher. I imagine it must be difficult to figure out what to do with me because of my background (years of self-study). Andy helped me fix a lot of technique problems AND has me playing pieces that seem appropriate to my skills, which are now growing."

 "Andy Jurik is the best guitar teacher I've had. He is very patient with teaching new pieces and there is no pressure during lessons. I especially like the fact that he can teach very effectively AND pick good musical pieces that are just on the edge of your ability to really give you a sense of satisfaction when you can play them.


I currently teach privately in Asheville, NC, as an instructor at University of North Carolina Asheville and Presbyterian College (Clinton, SC), and through the Hendersonville Community Music Center in Hendersonville, NC.  Please free to click on the contact page to reach me with any questions or lesson inquiries.